100 word Week 27

Survive! The only thought that crosses people’s minds while in the Southern Sahara, but unfortunately not everyone is lucky enough for such a luxury. Adesola, Ahmed, and I scavenged for fruit to bring back to our tribe late into the murky, sunless night. Without warning, an ear-piercing roar came from behind.

“Run! Your life is depending on it!” Adesola shouted, and we took off swiftly; holding on to our fruity cargo as tight as possible. I look to see if my brothers are close behind. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress from the lion’s grasp.

One thought on “100 word Week 27”

  1. I like how you used strong adjectives to show how powerful the lion’s roar was (ear piercing). I also enjoyed that this piece of writing is realistic fiction as this situation could actually occur in real life, especially in the setting where the brothers were gathering fruit.

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