Week 25

I thought I knew her… but how did she get up there? The skyscraper, the only obstacle between Mallory and the ground. Even though I didn’t know what could’ve drove her to this decision, I didn’t believe my eyes. Why? This question races through my mind, but no answer reveals itself.

“No! Don’t!” I shout, nearby bystanders suddenly, rapidly join with me.

Up at the top of the building, she looks like a mere disfigured object. No face, no body, no outline. In a few seconds this would all turn to a messy situation, and the only option… to watch.

One thought on “Week 25”

  1. Hi Connor,
    Fantastic story- even if it was a bit dark. It reminded me of a scene from House M.D.
    I especially liked the beginning. The use of ellipsis to build suspense followed by the question mark created a mystery that instantly drew me in.
    My favourite part has to be the final paragraph the repetition of the word “no” was really effective. The last sentence was particularly dark. It can be very traumatising for witnesses of a suicide. You summed up the helplessness they feel with “the only option…to watch” line. It was chilling.
    Keep up the good work,
    Michael (Team 100wc), Derbyshire, UK

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