Week 30 Changed said to asked since question ;)

I’m Officer Hoffman and the police are in a cat and mouse chase with one of America’s most hostile terrorists, Muhammed Binfest. He’s been planting explosives in packages being delivered across the country. He never spoke a word in yesterday’s interrogation, however, today may be different. I scream in his ear demanding for possible future attacks or accomplices, and he finally budges.

“Ok! I delivered a package three days ago.”

“Where and when did it arrive?” I asked.

“Today, 6:00 on Rose St., three blocks away,” he exclaims.

I glance at the clock on the wall, “we’re too late,” it reads 6:02.

100 word Week 27

Survive! The only thought that crosses people’s minds while in the Southern Sahara, but unfortunately not everyone is lucky enough for such a luxury. Adesola, Ahmed, and I scavenged for fruit to bring back to our tribe late into the murky, sunless night. Without warning, an ear-piercing roar came from behind.

“Run! Your life is depending on it!” Adesola shouted, and we took off swiftly; holding on to our fruity cargo as tight as possible. I look to see if my brothers are close behind. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress from the lion’s grasp.

Week 25

I thought I knew her… but how did she get up there? The skyscraper, the only obstacle between Mallory and the ground. Even though I didn’t know what could’ve drove her to this decision, I didn’t believe my eyes. Why? This question races through my mind, but no answer reveals itself.

“No! Don’t!” I shout, nearby bystanders suddenly, rapidly join with me.

Up at the top of the building, she looks like a mere disfigured object. No face, no body, no outline. In a few seconds this would all turn to a messy situation, and the only option… to watch.

Week 24 100 word

“NO! Don’t!” Alice screamed.

“It’ll be fine,” Cole told her. However, Alice knew nothing ‘fine’ comes from stupid ideas. Cole planned to put Alice in a gigantic teacup and role her off a small ledge, but rocks scattered like paint on a blank canvas.

“I’ll break an elbow or… or the cup will shatter!” Alice searched for an excuse.

“On 3!” Cole started, “1, 2…. 3!” Ca-plunk! Alice rolled out of the teacup as it soared through the air, but to her surprise, it planted straight into the ground with no shattered glass!

“Wait what?!” Alice wiped off sweat, “You’re lucky that I’m alive!”

Week 20

The Diamond Back, the biggest roller in America! I’ve been anticipating this moment for years and now I’m actually doing it! The rails clink and clack as we approach the top, then we quickly swoop down to the bottom at light speed! We were moving very fast when… snap! The hinges connecting us to the rail break in half and we soar through the air. One boy looked only 12 and he passed out, the person next to him strangled the boy, screaming, looking for an answer to how to solve this. However, I think this will be our final destination.

Week 18

“Hey, Mom!” Dylan shouted.

“Yes, dear?” Holly responded.

“What’s the frequency of people around the capital?” Dylan pondered for a bit.

“There’s quite a few around here but it’s manageable. Why? Don’t you love the kids climbing on you with their horrific aroma? I sure know Adam does,” Holly implied sarcastically. Being a permanent occupant of this street is not what we wanted, but we have no choice.

Adam rapidly exclaimed, “It’s amazing! Staying here… permanently, but seriously, don’t those kids have better activities to do instead of climbing me and stuffing their butts in my face! Ugh, so rude!”

Week 17

The old man casually cycled through his daily routine; however, a bright, red snake hampered it as he discovered it beneath his bed. The clock struck 12 when he spotted the snake, and the old man presumes it harmless, just to be shocked from the venomous bite shrieking through his body. The chiming that filled the spacious room must’ve startled it. Meanwhile, a shadowy figure crept behind him, abruptly intercepting his screams of terror with an ax, centered in his dome. The supposed harmless animal proved to impose a more serious threat after all, right before his eyes, his own demise.

In the beginning

In the beginning, everything was bright, happy, and joyful. However, I knew that feeling wasn’t going to anchor in my brain for long once HE came. Oswald tortured everyone who got under his bare skin; jail time wasn’t a novelty for Oswald since he got swatted into the slammer for 10 years. Before he was taken away, I flung a waterfall of milk all over his uniform due to his monstrous feet stomping on my legs. How was I going to survive if he remembers me? I thought. My life was perfect and lovely, but that was only in the beginning.

100 Word Challenge Week 2

Smash! The car drove straight into the tree with the loudest sound that could be heard everywhere. The body flung out the window like a rag doll. Other cars stopping dead in their tracks, but what is that? A light bulb smashes through the glass, shattering over the concrete full of candies and sweets. As the police arrived, the face was too distorted to figure out their profile. However, the light bulb was their only clue. Near the bulb there was a tag saying “To my beloved wife,” but I don’t think there’s going to be a “wife” much longer.

100 word challenge

  I only felt shock at that moment, pure shock and wonder. What could be worse than the news of someone you love gone, vanished off the face of the earth. My mom’s just as sad as I am, wondering what we can do. He’s gone and we can’t do anything about it except to grieve for our loss. So, what lies ahead of us now? Sadness? Grief? Anger? All I know is that a hole will be forever torn in our hearts with no replacement that can fill it. Our lives won’t be the same…but our memories of him will.